Curling! In Moncton, New Brunswick!

The 2009 World Men’s Curling Championship is being held in my town, Moncton, New Brunswick. It starts April 3rd. This is a VERY big deal for a city few have heard about.

Curling involves sliding a 40 pound rock down an icy surface, aiming for a bulls-eye. Whoever gets closest wins. I think. This explains how fun it is:

The language of curlers is amusing for those new to the game, say watching it on TV for the first time. “HARD! HARD! HARD!” you’ll hear them roar to entice the folks with brooms to brush the ice harder (which causes the ice to melt, which causes the rock to slide more). I couldn’t find any good videos demonstrating it.

I think this is the first sport-related post ever on Steel White Table besides chess.

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  1. Is this very popular in Canada? I’ve never seen it before, but happened to turn on ESPN 2 and saw a tournament go on. The little guys shiving the ice in front of the blocks was comedic. Kept me entertained for awhile.

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