I swear a lot. It’s usually unintentional. I think I do it because I find it projects a casual attitude, emphasizing I don’t take most anything seriously.

I bring this up because I’ve noticed more cursing showing up in the comments which I find strangely gratifying, but I’m concerned about it, too; a lot of people are offended by swearing, and I really don’t want to drive people away from this site.

(Now, do I insert an obvious joke here, insulting those people I really don’t want to offend?)

Here are some articles about swearing I googled:

4 Replies to “Cussin’”

  1. A great set of links.

    It never ceases to amaze me that among millions of words, a select few can so effectively polarize human beings. A flaw in the biological wiring? I suspect Nature will fix it in the next release; it is this very flaw and those related to it that are most likely to contribute to homo sp. annihilating itself.

  2. I know I swear too much, and several years ago I stopped swearing almost altogether, for about 6 months or so; I can’t remember how I fell off that wagon. Something crappy happened that filled me with bitterness, I suppose. Most of the time when I swear, it isn’t necessary. And generally, I think the more people swear, the more unhappy they are, or vice-versa. It’s simple but I think it holds up. Nevertheless, I’ll always swear at some things, because there are times when well placed curses are better than a prayer. It’s almost wrong not to swear at those times.

  3. I swear when I’m happy, I swear excessively and for a prolonged length of time when I’m unhappy. For instance “haha, you fucker!” means “I am happy, you fucker”.. Whereas “you stupid fucking cuntass fucking motherfucking peice of fucking shit” means “poopy, I am rather displeased with this current state of affairs”.

  4. i fucking swear more than anyone i know. except maybe fuckin gimp. fuck is almost my only fuckin swear word though. fuck, goddamn, sometimes shit, and a lot of gay. my vocabulary is great!

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