Damn It, I Might Be Going To Heaven After All

The Atheist Missionary has a theory:

If you can conceive of an omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God, why would they waste time seeking worship from those which it created? […] Such a Creator would view atheism as the ideal worldview and the best possible way to worship.

He proposes that the Bible is a ruse meant to lead humans from the true “religion”: atheism, and that is God’s plan and test:

The only ones going to “heaven” (whatever that turns out to be) will be the ones who relied on the reasoning which their Creator gave them to conclude that he/she/it did not exist. Just imagine … only atheists going to heaven.

Shit, I went to a church a couple months ago. Am I going to Hell now? Damn it.

3 Replies to “Damn It, I Might Be Going To Heaven After All”

  1. Well then. If you believe in that then you believe that God does exist and thus failed the test. The only instance where if you know the test in advance you are guaranteed to fail.

    You’ve just damned yourself and all who read this post. Thanks a friggin’ heap!

  2. huh?

    Wow..it is kinda like ole home week on the comments with almost all the swt regulars commenting….summertime…laying around reading swt…

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