Daniel Lanois In Moncton

(Updated with post concert review (Oct. 18, 2008). See below.)
Daniel Lanois
Daniel Lanois is coming to Moncton, New Brunswick in October!

Critically acclaimed, Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Daniel Lanois will perform in support of his latest release Here Is What Is, the soundtrack to his feature-length documentary of the same name, at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton on Friday, Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

He’s going to St. John’s, Newfoundland, too.

This will be my first concert in 15+ years.

Post-concert Update (October 18, 2008):
The show was overwhelming. I had a lump in my throat, moved by his energy, his passion, and his music. Best show I ever saw. Astounding.

He had three young guys on bass, guitar, and drums backing him up, although he did a few numbers solo. He chatted, saying after one song how he wished THAT version they just played was on the studio album, and the whole night was like that: the band was tight and he was relaxed and comfortable – it was an excellent night for a jam session, which they did on a number of songs – long, intense solos making you want to dance in the aisles at times.

A couple of hours before the show he came out into the lobby with a Corona, answering questions from a bunch of us who heard about this opportunity on the radio. I sat a few feet from him as he stood there telling anecdotes about Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris.

Daniel Lanois seems to be famous to the famous, but not famous to the populace, which I think he’s humble about and grateful for. It allows him to come to a small theater in Moncton, New Brunswick, walking amongst us common folk with a beer in his hand, telling stories. I suspect he probably went to some pubs after the concert and may have participated in some impromptu jam sessions. Seeing him makes me want to start playing again, jamming with others.

Photos from the show and meeting him courtesy Marc Gallant:

6 Replies to “Daniel Lanois In Moncton”

  1. I bought 3 tickets. $16 processing fee plus tax. Somebody’s getting rich. I’d rather they included the so-called processing fee in the ticket price. Informing me about the fee only pisses me off.

  2. I agree with your update.

    I saw him at large bar. His band wasn’t there and he was kind of drunk by the end of it.

    He seemed like a nice guy.

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