Dawn: Don’t Read This

I bought my wife an MP3 player for Mother’s Day: SanDisk e100a SanDisk e100. It’s on sale today at FutureShop for 50 bucks, 80 bucks off the regular price. That’s right: eighty! This is similar to the one Phillip bought except it has an FM receiver. She already uses a CD player, but it only support regular audio CDs and it chews up battery power like crazy. This mp3 player requires only one battery and, it claims, lasts for 17 hours.

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  1. I just compared the two, e100 and m230:
    – e100 is upgradable to 2gb memory
    – m230 has Track Search

    I think that’s it. And the e100 is a lot cheaper, with this sale.

  2. Holy shit, I’m buying that for Hollywood for her birthing day!

    Oh wait, no I’m not:
    Availability: This product is sold out.

    Mr. Frownie Face is unhappy. :(

  3. Great choice!!! I bought the smaller sandisk and I have been very happy with it. Maybe I should buy one for my wife?

  4. Jenny has an MP3 player, but now I need one (they’re addictive). Is the Futureshop sale still on? Probably not.

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