Determine Your Children’s Adult Height

Prediction of Adult Height:

The objective of this growth utility program is to predict a child’s adult stature at full maturity… Adult height is predicted by adding the child’s height at test to their predicted cumulative height value. Accuracy of the measurements is of paramount importance, as any errors especially in sitting height will dramatically alter the precision of the prediction.

I discovered it doesn’t work for my children; they state: Date of Birth should be at least 7 years before current date. So I’ll try it in about two years.

3 Replies to “Determine Your Children’s Adult Height”

  1. I saw one of these things that just took the height of the father and height of the mother. It was prety close with me and my sister.

  2. I input my daughter’s statistics for this. Here’s the result:

    Predicted Maturity Classification: Average
    Predicted Growth Remaining: 34.3 cm or 13.5 inches
    Predicted Adult Height: 154.3 cm 60.8 inches
    Current Percentage Adult Height: 77.8

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