Digging in the Dirt

cool animated carrotMy daughter and I spent four hours in the backyard today, preparing our 8×20 garden: raking out dead grass, turning over the dirt with a pitchfolk and shovel, outlining the garden’s perimeter with a hoe. We then divided the garden into about 2×2 squares and planted spinach, lettuce, and carrots. I think I’ll post a photo of the garden, maybe tracking its progress throughout the summer.

Besides my parents, I don’t know anyone who plants a vegetable garden.

(Animated carrot courtesy of Whole Wheat Radio)

9 Replies to “Digging in the Dirt”

  1. I have a decent sized veggie garden in my backyard, and I plan to keep it going this year. I think you got things in a bit early though – usually we wait until after the Victoria weekend.

  2. When’s Victoria weekend? The stuff I planted are hardy and can usually withstand light frost, although it fuckin’ snowed last night! Bloody hell.

  3. Does Whole Wheat Radio produce stickers that I can stick in strategic places around town? There’s an independent music community in St. John’s that would love to know about WWR. I’m doing the best I can to spread the word, but I’m just one person. Stickers pack more of a punch than I do.

  4. Victoria Day is the Monday on or before the 24th of May. My neighbour grows everything from garlic to grapes in his postage stamp sized back yard. For my third unrelated comment: I’ve always thought stickers to be the most effective advertising medium, far ahead of radio, print and even television.

  5. When I got an A in my assignemts in gradeschool I used to get stickers.. At that point everyone in town knew I got an A.

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