Dino’s Alive And Well in New Zealand

DinosaurA dinosaur has been discovered in the White Island crater, in New Zealand:

Scientists using a camera to monitor a remote New Zealand volcano over the Internet have struck an odd problem – a pink dinosaur.
To keep a close watch, GNS [New Zealand’s Geological and Nuclear Sciences] installed a digital camera on the island and post a shot taken every hour on their website.
But suddenly a pink dinosaur has appeared in the shot.


4 Replies to “Dino’s Alive And Well in New Zealand”

  1. umm…Ryan….please let your comment be one with tounge firmly in cheek. I would hate to think someone would say that in any kind of serious way!

  2. Couldn’t the “PURIEST” New Zealanders tell that is the plastic dino toy from Flintstone ? Or they are not civilized enough to watch Flintstone Cartoon. LOL !

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