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  1. I guess I’ll have to cut back on my scallions. Damn!

    Things I won’t be cutting back on: cold cuts, eggs, ground beef and chicken. I know all about how not to eat them and it’s not a problem. (I cook the crap out of ground beef since the time I under-cooked some hamburgers and had Jody rush me to the hospital at 3 in the morning because of a serious bowel blockage and food poisoning that nearly killed me. Maybe Jody’ll will write a post about it some day.)

    As for raw oysters and ground turkey, I’ve never eaten either in my life, and I don’t plan to start now. If you’re drunk and foolish, I can see downing a few raw oysters, but ground turkey? Who the hell eats ground turkey?

    I’ll continue to eat pre-packaged tossed salads from Wendy’s, risk be damned. And I consume so few peaches and canteloupe, I’ll take my chances there too.


  2. i call bs.

    there is NO WAY that chicken is the most contaminated food there is, these ppl are just making this list up. i’m sure it’s all a coincidence that everyone and their dog eats chicken now. OH, and magically pork isn’t even on the list? and i love the ground beef one… “due to heavy processing…” ya, there’s a lot of processing going on in ground beef, you run some crappy cuts of regular beef through a meat grinder and into it’s packaging. SO much more processing. Same for ground turkey. why isn’t regular turkey and beef on the list then?


  3. There’s a chapter or two in Fast Food Nation about meat processing, how it’s one of the most dirty and dangerous food processing industries. Animals are quickly (sometimes) slaughtered, then carved up while hanging from a hook (hopefully with no guts spilling on the meat), then pieces are flung onto conveyor belts (often along with carvers’ fingers), where they’re further cut up and sorted. Meat will fall on bloodied, dirty floors to be put back on the line because meat is money. Ground beef is made up of dozens or hundreds of animals from different locations. It gets processed more because the pieces that go into it are handled more.

    I still like my hamburger, though.

  4. > Ground beef is made up of dozens or hundreds of animals from different locations. It gets processed more because the pieces that go into it are handled more.

    It’s worse in the States. I once asked the butcher at Sobey’s how many cows went into my ground beef. He said that because most of their meat is from local farmers and butchers (by local butcher I assume he meant himself), their ground beef often comes from just one cow, at the most two or three. They might get the slaughter cows hanging on a hook shipped in, but they cut it up locally and make the ground beef locally.

  5. I’ve eaten ground turkey, it acts (and sorta tastes) just like ground beef only it’s leaner. It’s better if you’re on a diet because turkey is so lean.

    From the way they talk, technically every third time we eat chicken we should be getting food poisoning. That’s bullshit. I eat ground beef (bbqed hamburgers), chicken (bbqed chicken breasts), eggs, prepackaged salads and periodically cantelope and peaches.. I think I should be half dead every day if this crap were true.

  6. Pender’s right. So is Chris. This list is a bunch of bunk. The only person here to get seriously sick from any of these foods is Phillip, and that’s because he was too stupid to cook his hamburger all the way. He got what he deserved. If this list was accurate, we’d all be dead by now.

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