Discover Your Self

Why you should Google yourself–and often:

To see what the Internet knows about you, start by going to the Google site or by using the Google toolbar. Next, either type your name in quotations or, for a more refined search, type intext: (intext with a colon) immediately followed by your name in quotes. Now type your address or phone number, and Google may turn up a church or a social group directory listing. If this doesn’t surprise or outrage you, type into Google your social security number or credit card numbers.

I’ve been doing that for years (as I posted previously).

4 Replies to “Discover Your Self”

  1. ya, i’m safe too. nothing that really had me on there, just some crazy euro sites with ppl using the same name as me!

  2. Mr Bowers needs to setup comments on his site.. That moon phases thingy is nifty! I’m thinking I’ll grab that for my sidebar thingy on my site too. :)

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