Hammer and nailThe Five Categories Of Handymanliness:

  1. Basic Edition. Knows when to leave things alone, call somebody else.
  2. Going Places. Learning and yearning for more fix-and-repair projects. Looks at each repair as a challenge.
  3. Building Up Skills. Has a good enough understanding of home improvements to be able to figure out new problems without dashing to the refrigerator, grabbing a beer and hiding behind the TV set.
  4. Bitten By The Bug. A compulsive handyman, he loves to tinker and repair things and sometimes fixes them better than new.
  5. Para-Professional. Experienced enough that he can make money, possibly even make a living doing handyman or construction work.

I’m in the first category.

That site also has excellent articles for do-it-yourselfers, such as their Assembling A Custom Book Shelf page, which provides excellent detailed photos and tips; makes it look easy!

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