Do You Know The Maffin Man?

Tod MaffinTod Maffin (post no longer exists so link removed) is whoring himself:

So, I’m going to give away four brand new Norton 2006 products to four lucky winners! To enter this contest, just mention my blog (with a link) on YOUR blog!

I’ve posted about Tod before; he’s worth listening to and he’s on my bloglines subscription. His website contains blogs and columns about geeky technology mainly related to broadcasting. Interesting stuff, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Tod: I’m only interested in Norton Ghost and Norton SystemWorks!

4 Replies to “Do You Know The Maffin Man?”

  1. Thanks, Tod. Of my four choices:
    1. Norton Internet Security 2006
    2. Norton Ghost 10.0
    3. Norton Anti-Virus 2006
    4. Norton SystemWorks 2006

    I’m picking SystemWorks.

    I’ve never won a contest before, except when I solved a Rubik’s cube in 52 seconds when I was 12 or something, and I had to work for that.

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