Dogs For Lazy Owners

lazy dogsConsumer Reports has posted an article about the best dogs for retirees (not that retirees are lazy):

All dogs that require little exercise, although all dogs should be walked daily.

We’re considering getting a Greyhound (yes, another dog) when our ancient cat dies: they’re supposed to be nice, lazy dogs, despite their reputation for being athletic pets. Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada is an excellent resource for those looking to adopt a Greyhound; we’ll be getting ours from there.

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  1. actually retirees would probably have the time and energy to train a puppy and provide intellectual stimulation and exercise that a lot of regular working folk wouldn’t have. I am unemployed and dogsitting (training) 2 border collie pups, adorable little bundles, but they need a lot of attention when they are pups if they are to become good dogs. It’s very nearly a full time job. I had no idea – but it’s cool because they are smart and want to learn. and they look just like angels from doggie heaven when they sleep! so it’s a great experience.

  2. Border Collie are VERY active dogs, although a blast to be around – they wouldn’t be on that retiree list!

    I’m surprised Newfoundland Dogs weren’t on the list.

  3. Newfoundlanders are huge with such big heads. I knew a guy who had one and it loved to swim and retrieve. I was surprised to see greyhounds and retrievers on that list, I would have thought they would need a lot of running too – I really don’t know anything about dogs, although I am learning about puppy training thanks to the internet — i don’t know though, when I am ready to retire I hppe to have more energy than I did when i was doing the 9-5++ soul sucking jive. I know it is naive to believe it will all be peaches and rosewater, but to be able to get adequate sleep, take your time with things, enjoy your breakfast, go ahead and take a whole hour of exercise, plus a fifteen minute cooldown cuz you can, dress in rumpled clothing to go to the market if you feel like it, who would give you a hard time with your great headed newfoundlander by your side — oh, retirement could be sweet…

  4. Your vision is close to mine, Sally! We do take our Newfoundland dog to the farmers’ market, taking our time eyeing the great produce and artistic projects on display. Wally gets a lot of attention too. My goal now: get rid of the “9-5++ soul sucking jive”.

  5. whats this 9-5 you speak of?

    in terms of retirement I am taking ron james’s advice and “..eating a little bit of dog food everyday…”.

    …what? I am so suprised that nova scotia swamp dogs (tollers) did not make the list….

  6. I want to get a greyhound after I met ryry’s greyhound. They’re neat cause you walk em for 5 mins, they run like a bat out of hell then they’re tired and want to laze around the rest of the day. That’s exactly what I want, a bit of independence. Dogs are generally so needy and I just can’t be bothered giving them attention all the time. Anne wants a little yapper though, so I probably won’t get the doggy of my dreams.

    Anne’s sister was over on the weekend with both their dogs, a husky and a little yapper. They’re fun but require so much attention it drove me nuts. If we sectioned them off from us, cause they were playing around us when we were trying to play rockband, they would sit there whining and groaning until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave the room.

  7. I’ll have to bring Wally to your place next time I’m in the area – he’s like a gentle bear. I can have him eat your little yapper.

  8. Everyone I know who has a yap dog is mentally ill. There’s no other logical explanation. I know a few women with yap dogs that yap-yap-yap-yap-yap every time someone walks in the door, and the women just stand there and act like it’s cute. I had the same experience recently at the house of a well-known artist in St. John’s, and he did exactly the same thing. He just sat on his couch and smiled at his lap dog while it yapped in everyone’s face for five minutes while we were getting ready to leave. Like that’s endearing. I don’t get it.

    I like grey hounds because they look The Alien. That’s a perfectly sane reason to like a dog. I’ve seen grey hounds. They look strange to me, yet elegant, and you can poke ’em in the eye like Santa’s Little Helper and they’re totally docile. You gotta love that.

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