Doing Something Different Every Day

This Blog Will Change Your Life:

Boasting to be “part instruction manual, part therapy, part cult, part sheer anarchy” this book [This Book Will Change Your Life] offers 365 days worth of instructions for hysterical living. It just so happens my life can use a little hysteria. What will follow starting tomorrow, Monday October 17, 2005, will be a record of my daily attempts to base my life on this book. We’ll see what happens…

The Day Eighty-Four post stated from the book:

Today throw away an apple core in the park. Mark the spot well, and come back in 20 years’ time to see your apple tree.

And what he did:

It was 24 degrees; the ground was frozen. My core bounced when it hit the ground. I tried stomping it, but just made a mush on my shoe. I marked it with two sticks, to form an “X”. When I came back later in the day a goose was eating the remains. I am not going to bother to come back again.

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