Donald Knuth Is Still Alive

Art of Computer ProgrammingOkay, I know you all know who Donald Knuth is, but just to waste some bandwidth, I’ll provide his background anyway:

Knuth wrote The Art Of Computer Programming, considered the Bible of computer programming for those with an academic background. I remember seeing the beige, hard-cover volumes at MUN‘s book store for graduates, yet I bought them as a 1st year student because they were so damn interesting. They’re not light reading.

Knuth has been working on Volumes 4 and 5 for many years, as he lists on his website, and has tentative plans for Volumes 6 and 7. Aren’t you excited?!

Besides The Art of Computer Programming, he’s noted as the creator of TeX (computer science and mathematics students should know about that), a typesetting system, and providing a reward for any mistakes found in his published books.

Oh, and his name is pronounced “Ka-nooth” – the “K” is not silent.

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