Don’t Draw a Wild Pig

Not a pig
This one inadvertently came out kind of looking like a pig. Oh well. It’s title: “Jim.” Yesterday’s drawing: Infinity Minus One.

I had a great time creating these drawings. Thank you for your support. I appreciate all the feedback I received this past week. Despite numerous requests for more drawings, I’ve decided to end it now. It’s better to burn out than fade away.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at

2 Replies to “Don’t Draw a Wild Pig”

  1. No. Though yesterday’s rant was one of the most entertaining rants I’ve heard for awhile. Unlike 75% of those polled, I don’t take anything you say seriously — unless you’re playing the truth music, which is when I stop listening. I don’t like puppies either. That “puppy smell” is way over-rated.

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