Prayers found ineffective in speeding recovery:

Praying for someone might give you hope, but it won’t help them recover from heart surgery. It may even harm them. That’s the surprising result from a multi-year clinical trial on the therapeutic effects of prayer.
A third group of patients received the same prayers as the first group, but were told they were being prayed for. Of these, 59 per cent suffered complications – significantly more than the patients left unsure of whether they were receiving prayers.


(Thanks Pender)


  1. The reason why we pray for people, is to help them get better, by making them feel stronger in themselves. so please don’t go round dis’in our faith because its hurtful to those who do believe.
    i’m only a teenager but i have experienced god help me thru a lot of things ! he is the greated m8 i hav eva had, so what he dosen’t talk back to me, at least he won’t go saying stuff behind my back! and he will never hurt anyone.

    so think before you say stuff m8.

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