Dreaming Of People You Don’t Really Know

darren j-walk ashley rebecca jimLast night I dreamt I met most of the people I only know through email and websites, people I haven’t met in person: Jim, Ashley, Rebecca, Darren, J-Walk

My family drove to this wooden, rickety toll booth where Jim was sitting, with headphones and a cigarette, ranting into a microphone. He smiled and waved us through into Whole Wheat Radio Land: a dirt road leading into a campground-like area: lots of trees, hilly terrain, ramshackle cabins and tents, playgrounds and ponds scattered throughout. We drove to a two-storey cabin where a women introduced herself as The Kissing Lady and kissed me. The first floor was a kitchen, with freshly baked bread on tables scattered around, with a big, warm, wood-stove used for baking and providing a comfy feel to the place.

My kids went off to play with a crowd of kids, my wife went with Rebecca and a bunch of other women discussing quilting, and I wandered around the place. I climbed a hill and looked around, seeing Ashley and a woman on the other side of the hill. I yelled to him. He yelled back. I climbed down and he introduced the woman as Ashley, “although it IS a boy’s name,” he said.

The three of us walked around a lake where we passed J-Walk and Darren sitting around a campfire. J-Walk was plunking at a banjo but he stopped and said to us, “Now there’s a sight: Jody and Ashley and Ashley, listening to the twangs of my banjo echo off the water.” Ashley said, “The end.”

I then woke up.

10 Replies to “Dreaming Of People You Don’t Really Know”

  1. sniff sniff…you didnt dream of mee……i dream of you…but it’s always kinda messing in the morning….

    You know these comments are going to end my political career before it begins…glad only 6 people read this…it is only 6 isn’t it…

  2. I dream about sports stars more than anything… wierd…

    I don’t like the whole concept of talking about your dreams though, i can’t really explain why… it’s uncomfortable to me.

  3. We’re at that stage in our relationship where we’re talking about dreams already? I dunno if I’m ready for this kind of commitment.

  4. Jody – that is just plain strange. Especially since I don’t know the first think about quilting. But I’m glad I was there to amuse your wife :)

    Pender re: “most tolerant person I barely know” comment – damn you, I snorted tea out my nose when I read that!

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