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  1. There is a drive-in about 45 minutes away from my place… I go about once or twice a year. Usually when they have a triple billing. My biggest issue with them is that you are paying almost as much as you would in a regular theater. Then you have to roll down windows or turn on the car cause the windows fog up… now I know some people prefer this feature… but when you are there to watch the movie, not so much. I am not 17 any more. Also, if you roll your windows down, you get a swarm of mosquito’s, so you don’t want that either. For all of these reasons, I prefer to go to a theater or stay home and download or netflix the thing for a much cheaper rate. Driving an hour and a half probably costs about $30 in gas now, and plus a family of 3, entrance fee is about $25 at the gate. And then concession stuff… although, we usually bring stuff from home. So, $55 for a movie on a screen that is sub par and so is the experience just doesn’t seem worth it.

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