Drive-through Outsourcing

Want fries with outsourcing?

Pull off U.S. Interstate Highway 55 near Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and into the drive-through lane of a McDonald’s next to the highway and you’ll get fast, friendly service, even though the person taking your order is not in the restaurant – or even in Missouri.
The order taker is in a call center in Colorado Springs, more than 900 miles, or 1,450 kilometers, away, connected to the customer and to the workers preparing the food by high-speed data lines. Even some restaurant jobs, it seems, are not immune to outsourcing.


2 Replies to “Drive-through Outsourcing”

  1. That’s awesome…haha. Moncton’s already riddled with so many call centres. I’m sure we’ll be getting many more after this idea catches on.

  2. Wherever there is outsourcing, you can say old people are losing jobs while younger ones are getting them (or vice versa). You can say Presbyterians are losing jobs while Catholics are getting them (or vice versa. You can say fat people are losing jobs while thinner ones are getting them (or vice versa). And on and on. But we do not say any of these things. We instead identify those gaining and those losing the jobs according to their nationality. There is no especial reason to identify the allegedly gaining group and the allegedly losing group by nationality. –Unless you happen to be among those running and managing the nationality.

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