Dual Flush Toilets

dual flush toiletWe’re renovating our bathroom next week, so we’ve been shopping around for a new toilet, bathtub and shower, and other fixtures. We discovered a Dual Flush Toilet at Kent Building Supplies (an Atlantic Canada company, which I’ll support over the big-boys like Home Depot). Regular toilets use 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of water when flushing. A dual flushing toilets has two methods of flushing: 4.1 liters (1.1 gallons) or 6 liters. That water savings appeals to me, even though we’re not on a water meter: it’s the conservation I like. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation did a study on dual flush toilets, concluding:

Dual-flush toilets perform well in comparison to 6-litre and 13-litre toilets based on water consumption rates, saving an average of approximately 26 per cent more water than single-flush 6-litre toilets when used in replacement programs…
In terms of market penetration, dual-flush toilets are likely to compete best with upper-end 6-litre toilets given the similarity in cost and the emphasis on water savings. While reduced water consumption is most likely only one of several factors considered by those purchasing a new toilet, the fact that dual-flush toilets save more water than single-flush 6-litre toilets presents an added benefit that could be promoted.

Interesting rumor: Dual flush toilets are compulsory in Australia. I could not confirm this, though.

We also getting a one piece shower/bathtub, which we’re hoping will be easier to clean than what we have now.

Maybe I’ll post before and after pictures.

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  1. When I flush a toilet, I want all the crap to go down the toilet. If the dual flush can flush your crap in one flush, then fantastic.

    The one piece is tres nice!

  2. Just want to add to your comment about Kents vs Home Depot. I go to where the price is the cheapest. For home renovations I have found Home Hardware to be the best by far. If you are buying lumber, it all comes from Kents, so it doesn’t really matter where you buy from. From what I hear, all the good lumber goes to the States. Not sure why that is.

  3. The first test of the toilet occurred yesterday and it failed: the toilet backed-up and over-flowed. We’ll be returning it ff we’re not satisfied with its performance over the weekend. That’s disappointing.

  4. We returned the dual-flush toilets: they blocked up occasionally, especially with the kids not knowing what button to press for the big flushes, plus one leaked.

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