Dumb, But Smart Ebay Auctions

invisible girlfriendOutrageous Ebay Auctions:

Have you ever wondered why seamingly “normal” people bid on items that do not appear to have any value whatsoever?. Well one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Come along for the ride as we watch how much “normal” people will bid on Strange, Weird, Funny, Disturbing & of course Outrageous Ebay Auctions…

A good example is My Invisible Girlfriend (Paper Description):

I am selling a piece of paper that has the description of my dream women. In my life I have not had a girlfriend for a long time, so I have resorted of dreaming up my own wonderful caring girlfriend. My imaginary girlfriend is so awesome, she loves to watch sports and also play all the sports us guys like.

All you need is an idea.

(via The J-Walk Blog)

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