Eating Air

The Breatharian Institute Of America:

Breatharianism is relative to the breathing of air for food.

The Breatharian needs air and Sunlight only, and nothing more to sustain his body.

The world is flooded with books on food and eating. No one seems to realize that eating is not natural, but an acquired habit, like smoking and drinking, and that FRESH CLEAN AIR is the Cosmic Reservoir of all things, including the substance that builds and sustains the human body.

No joke. Wikipedia has an entry about Breatharian:

… there is no accepted scientific evidence for any of the claims put forward by the breatharians. The only breatharian to undergo scrutiny — Ellen Greve, on Australia’s 60 Minutes — became ill and bowed out after a few days without food or water, citing stress and pollution as the cause for her symptoms.

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  1. I read something about a dalai lama or something that hasn’t eaten in years and scientists can’t figure out how he’s alive. Maybe he’s a breatharian!!! Which sounds much much less violent than a barbarian. Especially a barbarian that ritualistically participates in cannibalism and human sacrifice.

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