Eating With The Blues

Memphis SmokeI ate at the Memphis Smoke for supper, where I had blackened catfish with creole rice, washing it down with a cold draft. As we were eating, a band unexpectedly went on stage. It was a competition held by the Detroit Blues Society, with five bands competing to go to the International Blues Challenge 2006 competition to be held in Memphis.

The first band was all middle-age white guys. After jamming for a couple of minutes they announced the singer, who walked up with a black cowboy hat and leather pants: a tiny, frail looking black women about 50 years old. She sat down on a stool, picked up an acoustic guitar, then she started belting out one of the best damn blues melodies I ever heard. Awesome. They went downhill after that: the guitarist was dull and the tunes were unimaginative, except the first tune. They should’ve quit after the first song.

That was the first time I’ve been to a pub in about 15 years. It was cool, though too damn loud, which is the main reason why I don’t go to pubs and concerts now.

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