Entertainment Cliches

The Movie Cliches List:

This is a list of the most annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes found in movies.

Some samples:

  • If you’re a woman in a film and have just finished a steamy lovemaking session, make sure to lay back and pull the sheets up to your neck, just like in real life.
  • Time will stand still when when the hero is in the presence of a company logo.
  • Eight to ten-year-old kids are the best computer hackers on earth and can break into any system.

6 Replies to “Entertainment Cliches”

  1. In movies, nobody says goodbye when they get off the phone.

    In movies, they never “clean up” after sex.

  2. In movies, everyone knows exactly who you are when the phone is answered and someone on the other end says “hi, it’s me”.

  3. When people eat out in movies, they always leave long before they’ve finished their food or their drinks.

    And they never tell their friend or date the urgent news en route to the restaurant. They always wait until after their food has been served. And their news inevitably prevents them from eating what they’ve ordered.

    Also–movie people always know the phone number to everyone and everything off by heart.

  4. That’s true. How many times do you see people in movies order a beer, barely take a sip of it, and then LEAVE?

    No frigging one in the world does that.

  5. Captain Kirk did it in Star Trek IV. I guess if you’re saving the world there’s only time for a small sip of beer. And your pizza’s always to go.

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