Ethiopia Medium Roast

“I take my coffee black, with a little of cream.
I wake up every morning with the sun.”

Greg Brown

Tommboy sent me a shoe box full of coffee beans. It arrived yesterday. (Good thinking, Tom, the coffee smell effectively disguises the smell of the dope.) In the shoe box are sample packs of the following flavours: The Dark Side (dark roast); Sumatra (dark roast); Ethiopia (medium roast); Peru (dark roast); Columbia (medium roast); Nicaragua (dark roast). The last three are certified organic fair trade. They’re all roasted fresh from an associate of Tom’s.

I’m drinking a cup of the Ethiopian medium roast as I write this, and it’s excellent. What else do I need to say? It’s a real good cup of coffee. Strong but smooth, slightly nutty aftertaste. This is the way to drink coffee. Fresh beans, freshly roasted, freshly ground so that a thick layer of foam forms when the water is poured through a #2 cone filter. All those bubbles indicate oxygen in the beans, which means more flavour, which only happens with the freshest beans. Sometimes you get bubbles, but if it builds up into a thick foam in about two seconds like this cup did — coffee doesn’t any better than that. (I haven’t tried cold filtered coffee yet.) Tom, man, this is one damn good cup of coffee! I gotta go make another cup. Back in a few minutes…

I’m sure I’ll write another post after I sample another bag. Maybe I’ll podcast or webcast it. (Tom, let me know if it’s okay to mention specifically where I got this coffee.) I’m leaning towards making a cup of “The Dark Side” next.

Thanks for the shoe box, Tom. This is great coffee. As per our agreement, I’ll send you a list of DVD titles. Just pick whatever movies you want, and I’ll send them off to you. Thanks again.

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  1. psst wanna buy some coffee…(the swishing of long coat opening) Yeah phillp it is a vendor here at the market…Kemble Mountain Rostery….I think they are trying to get a web site up..I will talk to them this week…I had mentioned that a favorable comment on this blog would reach millions…hundreds…well three people two of which drink tea….

    oh and rebecca no this is someone else who has taken the endeavor a bit more serious…the have been here for about a year or just over that….series…I am not a coffee drinker so unable to voice an endorsement….hence i sent some to phillip…I was just happy to send some mail to the homelands…yeah an phillip very happy that you ejoyed your coffee…

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