Everyone Gets Time-outs

One of the daily rituals with my daughter (who started school this year) is finding out how many time-outs she received during the day.

Her: Only one today, Dad!
Me: Alright! High-five!

Well, last night was our first parent-teacher meeting and I was expecting the worst:

You’re CAITLYN’S parents?! You don’t look like awful parents.

It went well, though. The teacher said she isn’t different from any of the other kids who are getting used to the classroom routines.

I should probably stop asking about time-outs.

6 Replies to “Everyone Gets Time-outs”

  1. my timeouts involve going in the crawlspace for half an hour, and coming out really baked.

    i wish i had a timeout every day!

  2. We’re not at all suprised Pender cries when he gets beat up. He cries during sappy movies, and at that Tim Horton’s commercial where the grandson is in France and calls his grandfather, too.

  3. I hate that pender jerk.. Man.. what a jerk.

    I call for a timeout, you guys are so fake mean it makes me fake cry to the fake max! I really mean it!

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