Everyone Should Know How To Juggle

animated jugglingThree Ball Juggling Tutorials provide detailed instructions on how to learn juggling. To see animations of juggling tricks, go to the 3 Ball Juggling Trick Archive.

I taught myself how to juggle during university, when I should’ve been studying for exams, using oranges I took from the cafeteria. I ruined a lot of oranges.

(I categorized this under Life because, well, you know, it’s a life skill.)

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  1. Jenny’s a juggler. She’s even the author of a juggling newsletters called Upward Mobility Jugglers. I’ll post a video of her juggling sometime. She also knows how to balance stuff on her nose.

  2. I had friends who hung out with the jugglers are the university, they were into it for many years. I call them the amazin’ malsbury brothers of juggling stupdendousness, but they prefer to call themselves evan and wes. Pretty stupid stage names if you ask me..

  3. Evan and Wes Malsbury?! They’re from Newfoundland–I used to juggle with them at MUN’s juggling club. I know Evan more than Wes–he’s living in the US now (I think Wes is too). They’re both amazing jugglers. And nice guys.

  4. They’re both living in the states, yep. I think their parents have moved or are moving down to the states as well, so I won’t even see them at xmas anymore. They used to have juggling crap laying around their main room all the time that I would play with at lunches, when I used to go there every lunch from sk00l (I went to holy heart for a while). I sucked.. Wes used to juggle to entertain us periodically though, I could never duplicate anything he ever did.

  5. I just emailed this link to Evan.

    I saw a cool juggling trick one day at the club (I don’t think it was Evan or Wes, though). Two people were passing 6 torches around a 3rd guy holding a cigar in his mouth. The cigar was eventually lit by one of the torches as it sailed past his head.

  6. Ah yes, who can forget Holy Heart sk00l lunches. I still remember dueling you in Star Control 2, the last time I was ever able to beat you in a videogame.

    I actually only just went to the juggling club in WI recently, and the level of skill is pretty fierce. Think nobody beneath Duane/Aaron level of ability and some above. It’s good to have people trying crazy new stuff all the time for learning purposes, as long as I can keep up. I had a friend at work who could barely pass clubs that I had to power level all last summer just to get him to the level of ability where he could participate.

  7. Evan! I haven’t juggled for a LONG time. Probably last summer when I tried to survive passing seven clubs with Aaron. I saw him in the grocery store the other day but didn’t recognize him at first. Apparently I snubbed him in the yogurt aisle.

  8. OMG, IT’Z EVAN! What’s your ishmael address? You stopped going on msn so I stopped being able to harrass you. Or maybe I’m blocked. :(

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