Everyone Speeds

Everyone thinks they’re a good driver, so this is no surprise: 8 in 10 Canadians speed despite dangers: report

…when it comes to just how fast they drive, they underestimate their true speed and delude themselves into thinking their behaviour really isn’t that bad, says a new report by Transport Canada.

…most drivers underestimate the extent of their speeding and consider it to be benign.

Speeding isn’t justified in normal conditions even if one is a good driver.

I think all motor vehicles should have GPS-type devices to track speeding, alerting authorities if speeding occurs for a certain period of time, then if it can’t be justified they get a big fine.

The hell with you all!

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3 Replies to “Everyone Speeds”

  1. Well, thank you Mr. Magoo.

    Some speed limits aren’t justified, even for bad drivers…

    8 out of 10 drivers speed despite the dangers of 2 out of 10 drivers driving too slow.

    To hell with you too!

  2. > the dangers of 2 out of 10 drivers driving too slow

    All you speeders spew that sorry excuse for breaking the law. We’re not too slow – we’re PERFECT – going the speed LIMIT! I agree though, that those who drive well below the limit are a hazard, but less than the speeders. I’d rather be hit by a slow car than a fast one.

  3. didn’t we hash this out before…a big metal spike on everyones steering wheel…this should make everyone a better driver…of course this would be installed only on the four wheel type vehicles..those two wheeled ones would be exempt…..boo hoo i put the motorcycle(s) away this week…of course as a polition I would be exempt from the metal spike on any of my vehicles…you know..the enlightened ruling class thing…..

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