Actually, I didn’t know it was in my salad until it jumped out of my salad.

Smitty's Frog Salad

It was a light-green frog about the size of my thumb, and it jumped out of the Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad I ordered at Smitty’s last night. For the record, that’s the Smitty’s restaurant in Mount Pearl, just outside St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I was there with my girlfriend and her mother. The frog jumped out of my salad a few minutes later — after I’d eaten some of the salad. It took me a couple seconds to realize it was indeed a frog, because who the hell expects a frog to jump out of their salad? It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t register immediately — not until the frog makes a beeline for the ketchup bottle.

I calmly said, “Okay, that’s it. A frog just jumped out of my salad. I’m leaving.” We left without paying. I’m just glad I didn’t stab the frog with my fork and put it in my mouth.

I’m writing a letter to the restaurant’s manager and to the provincial health inspector. I’ll report back with any response I get.

Are frogs full of germs? I don’t know. I suppose as long as it’s not a poisonous frog, I’m okay. But still, I ate lettuce a frog was hopping around in, pooping on, peeing on, excreting on, whatever it is frog’s leave behind when they touch stuff. I knew I’d most likely be alright, but the thought that I could have bitten into a live frog, and that I probably did eat some frog-slimed lettuce, made my stomach feel not so great.

I did a Google search for frog in salad. Apparently I’m not the first person to discover a frog in their salad. At least my wasn’t dead. Someone even found a live frog in a bag of lettuce they bought at the supermarket.

When you order something at a restaurant that’s cooked, chances are it’s alright. But with something uncooked like a salad, unless it’s carefully washed and inspected, who knows what you could end up eating? I’ll be eating all my salads at home for now on.

And too bad I’m not in the U.S. I could probably sue Smitty’s for emotional or punitive damages over something like this.

UPDATE (May 11/07): It’s happened again!


  1. AHAHAHA, nice smitty’s graphic! that is some freaky shit, holy crap i’d go nuts on that restaurant if i found a goddamned FROG in my food!

  2. You pussy! Eating frogs is like good luck or something. I would asked for a free meal. I would have change the salad to a t-bone or prime rib if they serve it and I would have asked to become the new manager. Also, all the beer you could drink would be nice too.

  3. You’re right about the raw. If I’m informed correctly the leading cause of food poisoning is raw mung bean sprouts. To be fair to salads and vegetables everywhere: you’ve probably never eaten any that didn’t have some kind of animals or their eggs in it.

    I had a similar story. Not all Americans are preprogrammed for victimhood. Most.

  4. Ashley, I read about you nearly drinking broken glass in your beer. I wouldn’t sue in that situation either — unless my insides got all torn up by the glass. Though I’d probably write a letter to the beer company because they’d likely send back coupons for free beer. We’re talking free beer here, not caesar salad.

    I just sent off an email to the presdient of Smitty’s (if he or she actually reads the email the general public sends in). I didn’t ask for anything, only that someone look into why I got served a live frog with my salad. I won’t eat at that particular Smitty’s again, but if they sent me coupons for free meals, I’d go to another Smitty’s and chow down on something deep-friend or well-done, like a hambuger and french fries. Smitty’s has good hamburgers.

  5. I would have probably caught the frog under a glass and found someplace to set it free. Like say, the smitty’s kitchen.

    I don’t think you have to worry about frog slime killing you. It’s the toads you want to watch out for in your salad, cause if you lick their slime then you get all spaced out and stuff. Then if the police catch you trying to drive you’ll be in trouble. So really it’s just the police you need to watch out for.

  6. Now that you’ve gone and blabbed about it to the whole world, everyone will be expecting a frog in their salads too. Frogs take a long time to train to remain in a salad until the most advantageous time, like just before a customer sticks a fork in it.

  7. Smitty’s got back to me, the owner of the resturant in fact. Some quotes:

    “I regret that the incident with the frog happened…”

    Oh, how many times have I heard that!

    “Our lettuce is prepared and packed by our supplier, and as such this matter is under a strict investigation.”


    “This incident has everyone involved bewildered.”

    No kidding. However, as my bit of research has uncovered, I’m not the first to find a frog in their salad. Perhaps Smitty’s orders their lettuce from this company. Solution: find a new supplier. Either way, I won’t be eating any salads at Smitty’s again. (To be fair, I won’t be ordering salads from any restaurant.)

    “I would like to offer yourself and your girlfriend an unlimited dinner for two at your convenience as my way of apologizing…”

    I’m not taking him up on this offer. The food probably is clean and safe to eat (for all I know, live frogs are perfectly eatable), but I have no desire to go back to that particular restaurant.

    Anyway, the warning still holds: Uncooked foods like salads are the most likely to be contaminated or left unwashed before being served to the public. Perhaps my lettuce was organic, but a bit too organic if you ask me.

  8. Phillip Phillip the chances of getting a second frog at that resturant are astronomical….it is probably the safest frog free smitty’s around…now…kinda world according to garp like….although i do enjoy the new smitty’s banner…

  9. It’s hard to believe in Newfoundland that a frog was found in your salad since we do not have frogs in Newfoundland, but I guess anything is possible,especially since I also have a frog story. I came back from Cuba in January and had to stay overnight in Toronto. I put my hand in the mackup case to get something and I new it felt like something alive , I
    hauled my hand out and gave it a flick, it was sort of stuck on.It was a frog When I
    did it landed on my husbands naked shoulder. He was shaving not far from
    me. He was about 4 to six inches long.It was a fright I won’t soon forget.
    The thing is we don’t know how the frog got in there.

    St. John’s, Nfld.

  10. lol thats soo funny y dnt u jus pick the frog up go into the kitchen and drop it in what ever the chef is makin lol taht would of been funny hehehe

  11. Tommyboy is allowed to write incomprehensibly because, well, he’s family. But the next person who leaves a comment like “kat” just did will be banned. I have no patience for these needlessly illiterate comments.

  12. Phillip stated that a “FROG” leaped out from his Salad that had been served
    to him by a Waitress/Waiter in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, DO NOT believe it!!! He must have heard that story on CNN or either the joke that circulated on Computers, that a frog had happened to be in a vacumn
    pkg. of green salad. Our Salads are fresh hand made and I might add that gloves are worn in preparing such Dishes also!!! I do not think that Phillip can get himself into trouble for slandering and lying in a public Forum. This is definetely a false statement and he should be sued accordingly.

  13. Lyn,

    How would you know I’m making a false statement? Were you my waitress serving my table? Maybe you should ask the person who had to catch the frog after I left whether I’m making this up. If Smitty’s would like to sue me for slander for writing an honest and accurate account of what happened, then bring it on, because I have nothing to hide. I didn’t lie.

    A frog exactly as I described it, jumped out of my salad at the Smitty’s in Mount Pearl. The two people I was eating with saw the frog jump out of the salad too. Take me to a court of law and I’ll swear on a stack of bibles or a stack of phone books or whatever the current “good book” is, and I will tell exactly the same story — and so will the two people who were with me.

    I often carry a small video camera with me. I wish I’d had it that night.

    By the way, I didn’t find out of about frogs in bags of salads until afterwards. I don’t know if any of that stuff is true, but I’m NOT lying: A frog at the Mount Pearl Smitty’s in Newfoundland jumped out of my salad. It wasn’t a big frog, but it was a frog nonetheless.

    I haven’t eaten as Smitty’s or ordered a salad at a restaurant since.

    The salads at Smitty’s may be fresh, but maybe they’re too fresh.

  14. thanks lyn i forgot all about this post…and i am laughing again…while phillip may in fact be a pathological liar I am simply amazed that you are able to come to this conclusion by some text on this site…wow the power and insightful abilities of the internet…you fellers here at swt did not inform me of the potential of this medium….and while having known phillip during a brief period of his formative adolescent years, and having heard the terms, seriel killer, arsehole, psycopath…etc. bandied about in terms of his persona….never was liar mentioned…alas…i am probably fettered by knowing him personally and not through the clarity of the all seeing and all knowing internet.

    if phillip told me kermit the frog jumped off his plate with miss piggy following i would believe him until proven otherwise…

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