Exposing The Great LOL Debacle

How to talk Kewl, part one of a two part thoughtful essay:

Let us take you on a journey through the history of internet language (‘e-speak’) and the reasons why you should be ashamed to use it, ROFLMAO!!

The author is…

trying to figure out why someone can speak so eloquently, and obviously have a refined intellect in person — and then voluntarily reduce himself to speaking like a moron as soon as his Buddy List pops up. Very intelligent people typing like third graders. An attitude that once you’re behind the semi-anonymous mask of a screen name, your actions no longer represent you. So I’m going to think out loud (TOL) a bit.
Internet shorthand acronyms are really just a logical and extensive addition to the already huge number in common use throughout the speaking world: ASAP, RSVP, AWOL, XYZ. In that way, I feel that they are often acceptable — and in fact useful.
It’s when the internet gained popular appeal that this all became a) a rampant phenomenon with everyday people; b) a written dialect of its own; c) very, very irritating to me.
U instead of You. Two blinking keystrokes. Two. They are all within four keys of each other. Look at them. They’re right there. All for the purpose of efficiency. Two keystrokes separating the images of educated and ‘lame.’ Is the convenience worth it? I’m not buying it. It has to be something else, something deeper-rooted socially, a monkey-see-monkey-do deal. Maybe it’s terrorists. When confronted with it, people don’t even really know why they type this way. They have seen other people doing it, other people who are assumedly “more experienced” with the internet and its largely unwritten rules and etiquette. People, as you’ve heard millions of times, want to be accepted, to fit in, to look like they’re ‘in’. They type ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ and type ‘LOL’ instead of ‘haha’ because that’s just the way it’s done, and who really cares? Just go with the flow. 50 million Elvis fans, and all that.

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