eXTReMe Tracking Doesn’t Know How To Migrate Data

Steel White Table has been using a free website tracking tool since 2004 – eXTReMe Tracking. It’s a quick way for me (and visitors, although I doubt they view it much) to see how people reach this site and what pages are viewed.

A couple years ago, Extreme Tracking “upgraded” their free service, providing better tracking of search engines, etc. I didn’t bother to upgrade, mainly because your past statistics weren’t migrated to the “upgraded” service.

Today I noticed this glaring message on Extreme’s Summary page for SWT:

extreme tracking upgrade notice

They’re now forcing me to upgrade; fuck you, Extreme Tracking. It doesn’t make sense to NOT migrate your current statistic to the new version: it’s just data! Yet they don’t. They need better developers or DBAs.

In any case, since I have to start anew anyway, I switched to another free website tracking server: StatCounter.com. It has prettier graphs.

I do use Google Analytics, but they don’t provide public access to their statistics.

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  1. I forgot I signed up with their new version a couple years ago, but I stopped using it for some reason, so today’s data contains data from a long while back.

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