2 Replies to “Facebook Doesn’t Like People Aged 98+”

  1. I only have 30 or so “friends” on Facebook, but I’ve already decided to start deleting some of them. I signed up only to stay in contact with people I work with — so I’m in the loop about upcoming productions, etc. I’ve already begun to get friend requests from people I don’t give a shit about. So I’m deleting all my “friends” who I don’t work with or will never work with.

    The only exceptions: Jim and Sol. Jim could very well be the subject of a documentary I might shoot some day (if Jim doesn’t die or someone else doesn’t beat me to it), and Sol has been listening to WWR probably longer than any other listener, so I’d probably have to interview him at some point during the doc.

    Everyone else is cut.

  2. This is due to the fact that you die at 98. And if you are not dead, your friends and family just dig a hole and throw you in it with your birthday cake, presents, birthday hat and everyone bids you farewell. You can’t have people living forever. Canadian Pension Plan can’t afford people living that long.

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