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electric wood stoveYesterday I almost bought an electric fake wood stove, one that happens to be on sale at Canadian Tire for $130. It has two settings, 750 watts and 1500 watts. It supposedly heats up to 400 square feet with a heating capacity of 4250 BTU. I planned to use it in my living room which is currently heated through an electric baseboard heater that runs on 2000 watts. Running a heater on 750 watts instead of 2000 watts seems like a fairly straightforward method or reducing our heating bill. But as the salesman went to get the stove, a friend happened to walk by and we got to talking and he advised me not to get the stove because he bought a similar one last year and it didn’t save him a dime.

I decided to hold off on getting the stove, though I’m still very tempted to give it a try.

Anybody here have one of these fake stoves?

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

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  1. My parents have one of these and one of the fake fireplace mantle thingys. They had the fake woodstove first and returned it. They are much happier with the fireplace. They got it last week for about $150. They live in their cabin (or cottage for the mainlanders reading this) so good heating is important.

    The fake woodstove would be more flexible with regards to placement options.

    They are happier with their mantle.

  2. Hey what is the exchange rate on canadain tire money now….Phillip the most econmical thing to do with those electric fire places if you purchace one is to light it on fire and enjoy the heat while it lasts..

  3. > the most econmical thing to do with those electric fire places if you purchace one is to light it on fire and enjoy the heat while it lasts.

    I know about that. The living room is completely enclosed. Whatever heat the stove produces would go nowhere except into the room. It runs on less power than the baseboard heater. It would be in a more central location — as opposed to our baseboard heater which is next to a big window and behind the couch where most of the heat goes under the couch or behind the curtains on the window where it promptly warms the ceiling.

    I can’t see a fake wood stove being worse than that.

  4. I went to Canadian Tire to buy the fake stove. When I finally found someone to help me, he looked up the item on his computer (they still use old monochrome monitors at Canadian Tire) and told me they had 3 of them in the back. But after a thorough search, he said he couldn’t find one. He told me he’d get someone else to look and they’d call me back the next day. I didn’t get a call. So called the store myself. I got transferred to the “fake wood stove department,” I guess, but nobody ever answered the phone because, I assume, no one was working in the department at the time. So they lost a sale. Why did bother advertising it in their weekly flyer? I did everything I could to buy that stove off them. I made it as easy for them as I possibly could, providing them more than one opportunity to make a sale, and they still managed to botch it up.

    I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or if I admire that level of incompetence. At least they weren’t aggressive about the sale.

  5. If Canadian Tire didn’t have “Canadian” in the name, would you shop there? I would think that there are better deals at Kents or Home Depot?

  6. I went to Canadian Tire because they had the best sale on at the moment. I checked out Kent and Home Deport first. Kent’s website is somewhat useless. It shows the products they have, but no prices, which doesn’t give me much incentive to drive out to the big box stores. And I thought Canadian Tire seemed unconcerned about sales.

  7. Hey Phillip – replace “fake wood stove” with “5-speed Cruiser bike” and that’s pretty much the exact same thing that happened to me this summer. I finally bought a bike at Zellers which was prettier and just as sturdy.

  8. If you want to pay for the Ambience, that’s the only benefit. Or it could be a back-up heater. They are scamming the public again !!!

    Your electric baseboards are wired 220VAC. they are more energy efficient because they
    draw less amperage so they have less wire resistance loss. A plug in 120VAC heater is less efficient so you’ll never save money with one.

    Here’s what I’ve been doing to beat the system. Run your house at the lowest temperature you can tolerate. Then use a portable electric oil filled radiator type heater with an accurate digital thermostat in the room you are occuping or sleeping in. At night
    my house is set to 65 degrees, while I sleep in a bedroom at 72 degrees. Though electric heat is more expensive it is still cheaper to heat 10% of my house with electricity than the whole house with oil.

  9. Jenny’s mother dropped by with a fake wood stove today, something called the Electralog. Nigel is thrilled about it.

    From Cats

    I’ll see how it works and report back later.

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