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An Inconvenient Truth isn’t really a movie. It’s a message about global warming and the end of the world in the form of a presentation given by Al Gore. But it’s solid science and it’s still worth watching — even if you think you already know everything about global warming. Even if temperature on the planet isn’t being affected by man-made pollution, it’s still pollution that’s slowly poisoning ecosystems around the world. So why not do something about it?

The trailer is a bit sensationalized for my tastes, but anyway:

My only criticism: It’s a mistake having a politician present the information.

(My brother wrote a post about it too.)

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  1. What’s wrong with polititionsssss….snakey….

    yeah …. this whole episode reinforces for me that unless something is on tv or a movie or similar media it is not “real” for people….and as i discussed with you its great…cause now everyone is a climatilogist and is completely knowledgable about cimate change global warming,., ocean currents etc…everyones an expert….yeah and we had a mild winter here so of course the causel argument is correct…..agggghhhhhh

  2. I watched it the other day… it was pretty decent. I agree, let someone other than Al Gore do it, for the love of god.

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