Feeding Your Drug Habit With Cheese

Drug abusers target cheese:

Police in St. John’s say drug abusers trying to pay for their habits has led to a thriving black market for cheese.
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says stealing and reselling food from supermarkets and other stores to support addictions is becoming quite common.

Who are they selling it to, you ask?

And it’s believed that they are selling it to restaurants, pizza shops and things like that.

What next? Human eggs?

(Thanks, Neil)

3 Replies to “Feeding Your Drug Habit With Cheese”

  1. My parents (living in St. John’s) used to have a “door-to-door salesman,” offering only the finest in super expensive steaks, visit them daily. They could get a $27 steak for $5. It was a steal of a deal! After the third day of turning him down they said “and please don’t ever come back”. My parents are suckers.

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