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  1. u cant have a female storm troopers uniform as there were no female troopers remember cloning done from MR.FET NOT MRS.FET DOH !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. THATS AWESOME !!! the only costumes i can find are cheap crappy looking things! Where did you get that!!!

  3. So there can be not female stormtroopers huh. Will I don’t know but here’s something to thank about. It was (what) like 25 between EII when the clone troopers started, and EIV when we (for right now {no 3 yet) see the first stormtrooper. I think war tends to kill people. Mostly those that fight. Now the cloners had back up but some where they mostly started to use normol people. At that time they chould have used females. and most improtent of all is…It really dosn’t matter. It not like there making a move or something. It just for fun. OH and of your reading this and getting mad or something. Just stop don’t say anything back. You look really dum and like someone that can’t let go of things cause they always have to be right. Oh and I’ll mostlikely never come back, so you’ll be talking to you-self. THAT’S kinda weird

  4. She said I look dumb.

    And, she seemed to get offended that female storm troopers weren’t permitted. Must be a girl.

  5. 1st of all… She is a total hottie….. 2nd of all She created a disturbance in my large force…. 3rd… She is a hottie…

  6. I dont care if there was or if there wasn’t any female troopers. All I want to know is where can I buy the armor for a female trooper? E-mail me and let me know ,Please.

  7. are you selling his armor or is this just a method of showing people a cool pic??? if its for sale….then im interested!!!

  8. First: Nice armor. :-) The pic made my day a little better :-)

    2nd: For hum ever is interested. The storm trooper clones hade some defects. So the empire started taking young boys from families that were criminals\not political correct.
    These boys where sent to a planet (I can’t remember the name) Where they where trained and brainwashed. Most forgot their names, only remembering the NR they where given. And many die during their training.

    As for the question of female storm troopers.
    Well I am only guessing now, but as the Empire hate weakness, and females are not muscular strong. Plus that you would want the troopers to stay totally focused on their task and undetached to each other. I must say, my guess is NO, it is no female storm troopers.

    As a quote about Norwegian spec ops:
    “If a female can manage the physical tests, its then time to upper the demands.”

    But all in all – Nice photograph and armor. You go girl!

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