4 Replies to “Firefox Ain’t Working For Me Yet”

  1. I still use the original Mozilla. Firefox has never worked for me. My bookmarks never save. Still can’t figure out that one and haven’t got the patience to tinker with it. And I don’t like the way it performs downloads in the background, giving me less control. Different doesn’t always mean better.

  2. Installed it (upgraded from 0.8) and it runs Bloglines just fine, not a single problem. The occasional loss of favorites I had before 0.8 (extremly annoying!!!!) has never occured in 0.8 for me. My only issue at the moment is it animates certain gifs at double speed. Big deal ;)
    As for DL’s, I think it’s great. Just don’t close the DL window. There’s a cancel AND PAUSE to each running download. Never saw IE pause hehe. Just my humble experience….. I’ve never looked back except a few bad designed sites and windowsupdate //Jeroen

  3. I’ve never done a full uninstall, always just installing over my previous installation. I oughta take the time to remove the old version, cleaning out old registry settings too, then try it again. I wish it DID work as well for me as it does you.

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