Firefox 1.5 Is Out, But It Doesn’t Work For Me

FirefoxFirefox 1.5 was released today. I installed it on my work laptop with no problem. After I installed it at home, Firefox wouldn’t start. I used Process Explorer to see what was going on and I noticed it did start, but it immediately killed itself. I had to uninstall it and revert to the previous version. I’m using Windows XP Pro with SP2.

Anyone else have a similar problem?

Update: I had to uninstall and delete all remnants of the old version, including its Profile settings. It works now.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this before. Are you running any Extensions in your previous version? If so, try uninstalling them before installing Firefox 1.5. You might want to back up your profile information just to be safe.

  2. Yeah, I thought about that, but I was hoping the upgrade would be less painless. I think I’ll wait a bit until I’m sure it’s an isolated incident.

  3. Frig it. I uninstalled it, then deleted everything Firefox related. I installed 1.5 again; this time it works. Gotta get those extensions working now.

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