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8 Replies to “Flight of the Conchords”

  1. Old people.

    All the videos are funnier within the context of the show. Every song is a different genre and the productions values are impressive. The first time I watched the show, I didn’t know what to think of it. Like “The Wire,” it didn’t sink in right away, but once it did, it quickly became the funniest show I’d ever seen. I’ve watched each episode from the first season at least 3 times now, and I laugh out loud every time. The only show I’ve laughed at as much is the UK “The Office.”

    The first season was so good, I don’t know how they could beat it. And so far in the second season, they haven’t.

  2. They’re an acquired taste, to be sure, but they’re pretty funny. You can listen to the songs and think, “Huh, not bad,” and get on with your life, but you can also listen carefully to the lyrics and crack up when you figure out what they’re saying. (I can’t see either video because I’m at work and it’s blocked, but if neither of them are “Business Time” then Jody, you need to see that one.)

  3. Jody… I love the reversal there! So funny! The more someone tries to explain and justify humour, the less funny it is… Someone saying “I don’t get it” sucks the life out of telling the joke.

    Phillip… ignore him. You’re only feeding his sinister plan.

  4. The second definitely isn’t as funny as the first. Before they wrote scripts to fit the songs they already had written, but now they’re writing songs to fit scripts. It’s not the same. Too bad.

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