FloatersI’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4, but in the past ten years I’ve been experiencing floaters: bits of retina flesh that float in your eye, appearing like worms or threads, obscuring your vision. A couple of years ago it was so bad my vision was completely blurred, and I rushed (with the help of a friend) to my optometrist to see if I had a torn retina (a high possibility for myopic people). He said don’t worry about it; it happens with age, and given my poor vision, I’m more susceptible to floaters.

You might me able to see them if you close your eyes, or when you’re looking at a a cloudless sky or something with one colour, like a wall.

Here are some floater resources:

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  1. For some reason any time I think about my eyes I feel claustrophobic.

    I have a floater that’s sort of down to the right of my field of vision, but I have to be looking at something dark then bright to see it, and it goes away after a second or so. Still, I hate it and punching it doesn’t seem to help, though it makes me feel better.

  2. Having Floaters is like having a built-in video game in your eyes: you can move your eyes around to manipulate the floaters’ direction. I often try to make them collide, causing violent explosions.

    That’d BE an interesting video game: Floaters. Maybe I’ll look into doing something in Flash.

  3. I have a light brown dot that’s always there, regardless of what I’m looking at. It’s been there ever since I can remember. If I focus on an object, it still seems to move ever so slightly. Do you think it might be cancer?

  4. > you are seeing things all the time anyway

    Yup. I often refer to them as UFOs, too: “There’s a lot of UFOs flying around today.”

  5. I’ve had one prominant floater in my left eye for as long as I can remember.. and one day, the strangest thought went through my head. ‘I will never be alone, I always have this spot in my eye’.

    lol, just thought I’d share.

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