Folk Art Paintings

Jenny and I bought some cheap paints and brushes at a dollar store over Xmas. We painted our masterpieces on Sunday. Neither of us have any experience in painting. Does it show?

Mine are kind of abstract. The first one is called, “Skyline with Tree.” The second is, “Sum of The Parts.” (Click images to enlarge.)
Jenny’s paintings are more normal looking (and much better than mine). Her first painting is called, “Fish,” and the second is called, “Sun.”
All our future paintings will be posted to Picasa. And all paintings are, of course, available in t-shirts and coffee mugs.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at

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  1. Oddly, I saw these on Picasa when you first posted there. I thought “Wow, he never mentioned that he was a painter-type artist but I shouldn’t be surprised.” And I thought they were quite good. Creativity erupts from you in all sorts of ways…

  2. I like Jenny’s the most. They look like something. A six-year-old monkey with one eye and no arms could paint better than me.

    It’d be fun to try to paint something with real oil paints on a real canvas, something big that can handle gobs of paint thrown at it in frustration and/or creative ecstasy. That’d be fun.

    The scans of these paintings are about 6 times larger than the index cards we painted them on.

  3. Our dad has dabbled in artistic painting and he’d be a good writer if he concentrated at it. He has said that I’d probably be a good painter if I tried it. I don’t know where he got that idea from. I think Phillip has the talent, though.

  4. yeah here in my town i often deride that everyone is an artist or a chiropractor…and sometimes both…i am categorically not an artist…or have any ability to be one..i am not special in any way …despite two generations of “self esteem” training in our public schools…ranting must take medication…must take pretty blue pill… but they shurrr are preeetty pictures….

    phillip go rent art school confidential…apparently it is an unintentional documentary

    I think jody and phillip both have untapped writing potential….as jody stated it is the disipline ….that often separates ability and performance in this regard

    phillip has a day job?

  5. These paintings are awesome. Both of you did a great job. The paintings are full of color and cheerful. I liked Skyline the most. Picasa is a wonderful site. Thanks for the link.

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