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For many years now, I have traveled the cities of this world in order to experience their public (and not-so-public) fountains. I present this limited selection of my aquatic exploits as my personal ode to the majestic manmade water sculptures of this world.

He introduces his Canadian pictures with:

What is it about Canada that inspires Canadians to build so many wonderful fountains? I think Canadians are just excited by the idea of water that isn’t frozen, and more impressed with the novelty of seeing water move.

That is SO funny.

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  1. Welcome to Steel White Table, the site where Jody and his brother, Phillip, talk to each other through the comments feature. That pretty much sums up most of the activity on this site.

    Anyhow, I looked at the “Canadian” fountains — and they’re all in Toronto. Who gives a shit about Toronto? And when did Toronto come to represent all of Canada?

    I don’t know what you linked that site; it’s stupid.

  2. He put at least one New Brunswick photo near the bottom of the Canadian page, and I liked the idea. That could be me some day!

  3. Dude! I ain’t related to yous!

    I like the idea of it, just cause a buddy of mine, Mug, used to do that all the time back home. He dunked his head in the fountain at that crappy mall in st. john’s.. You know the place: that mall who’s name I can’t remember at the moment. Then he walked around the mall dripping water everywhere on already slippery floors. The comedy lives on.

  4. He could also call it “Pictures of My Shirt,” because in almost every picture he’s wearing the same shirt.

  5. Can I just second the statement “who gives a shit about Toronto”? I lived less than 2 hrs from there for most of my life, and I fail to see the attraction. Halifax is much nicer.

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