An amusing, insightful post about “Fuck”. An excerpt:

What happens when someone reads the word fuck, anyways? Is there some sort of physical reaction that I don’t know about that deserve such dire warnings? Like when epileptics see blinking lights and go into seizures?
Another thing is that whole asterisk substitution thing. Someone will quote me, including the fuck and the shit, but replace them with f***k and s**t. What IS that? Seriously, that has to be the most moronic thing ever. Who are you fooling? You’re writing fuck, you’re just writing it with different letters. REALLY. You’re NOT HIDING ANYTHING. You KNOW you’re writing fuck…

(Frack is from Battlestar Galactia)

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  1. yeah i watched that show on your recommendation and am still having difficulties psychosexually with starbuck being a women….guess this is only a problem for us old guys who can remember the origial….what the fuck…

    i think in order to remove the word fuck from its current place as a unwelcomed expletive we should be required in our posts here at swt to use this maligned word ..and bring acceptance.. and welcome the word fuck into our everyday lives…..fuck half of the readers here probably already do….

    what about jesus christ….as my kids get older i find myself slipping with this one…often said in a particular cadence and timing…”JEsus CHRiiist” hey phillip perhaps there is an audio way to do this…

  2. I have no cable or anything so I have to wait until the video store gets it and then I watch the season in a day or two….

  3. Tommyboy, if you have high speed at home, you can download the show the day after it’s aired. That’s how I watch them. I don’t have cable either. I don’t watch TV. But I do download. It’s all the rage.

  4. download, computers, what is this language you speak of….yeah I do have highspeed at home…so i just loook up the show..and watchie watchie…??

  5. I was wrong. The sci-fi network began THEIR new season of BSG, but I guess they’re a year late. Or something. Anyway, it was last year’s season that began to air. I really don’t have my ear to the ground with these things.

  6. Okay, whew – I got scared there for a minute that I’d missed it. I think it’s starting up on Space in January or something. There’s also supposed to be a miniseries about life before the cylons, but I’ll be buggered if I can remember what the title is.

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