Free gmailGmail has started making 50 invitations available at a time, but who the hell knows 50 people to give them to?! The solution: gmail invite spooler:

This page offers a place for people with Gmail invites and those who want them to come together with minimal effort and fuss.
Currently, we have 255,234 invites available to share. Thanks to the generosity of folks like you, we’ve distributed 300,158 invites since this page went up on Sep 13, 2004.

So, if you have gmail invitations coming out your ears, email them to; and if you want a gmail account, go to


  1. Uuuuggghhh, good question. I don’t know. Nobody ever asked me that before. I’ll have to get back to you on it.

  2. gmail invite spooler has been shutdown:

    I have gotten the word from Gmail’s Product Manager that my service is no longer tolerable. At midnight PDT June 7th, 2005, this service was disabled. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all who contributed to this service. Your generosity helped out a vast number of people and for that you should be proud.

    The gmail spooler email account is now deactivated and any mail sent to it will bounce.

    What will I do with the gmail invitations piling up now?

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