Free Stuff (After Six To Eight Weeks)

Free After Rebate:

will point you to stores that sell products that end up being free after you send in for a rebate. You’ll have to pay for the item up front, then submit the rebate materials. Some time later (usually six to eight weeks) you’ll receive a rebate check. We only list products with 100% rebates, but those rebates usually don’t reimburse for shipping and sales tax.

Too many retailers advertise their products’ prices with the mail-in rebate included, meaning there are NO savings when you purchase the product at the store; you have to cut-out or download a rebate form, fill in your purchase information into a space meant to hold NO information, find a stamp (often American), then wait. It’s nice when you do receive the rebate in the mail though, if you do receive it.

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  1. i’ve boycotted those mail in rebates since 4 years ago when we bought a hub from future shop (who i’ve also boybotted the last year) and we filled that damn form out as best we could, sent it off, and never got our damn 40$ back. I hate them, it’s just a way for the companies to get you to pay full price for something cause they KNOW that 90% of people will either not bother to send it in, or will fill ONE DAMN LETTER out incorrectly, and they get screwed.

  2. I’ve sent in for my rebate once, and it came back 6 months later, a cheque from the Bank of China… Staples are the people I don’t like. I bought a printer from them last year (along with a printer cartridge that cost almost as much as the printer), and after a month or so, the damn thing stopped working because, get this, my printer paper contained too much moisture. Who the hell worries about the moisture content of paper? What a hunk of junk. When I packed it all up and brought it back, the good folk at Staples informed me that they don’t fix printers, that if I had to call the company and they would let me know whether or not I could get a replacement or get the printer fixed (which would mean sending it to them and waiting for another 6-8 weeks). So I consider Staples a useless place to buy a printer. The broken printer (with a full cartridge of ink), sits in a box in Jenny’s study room.

    Anyone remember that scene in OFFICE SPACE where they destroy the office printer?

  3. I have that movie.. Funny shit. They’re like gangsters beating it up with a bat. My life is like that movie, only I don’t have a bunch of camera crews following me around, recording my hilarious movements.

    I’ve alwayz hated printers. There’s just something about them that irritates me, even when they work, I don’t like that they exist.. Something about taking something from a medium that doesn’t hurt anyone then stamping it onto tree carcasses to look at for maybe a halfhour then either throw out or file away, never to be looked at again. There’s no reason in the world why there shouldn’t be electronic palettes that we can just write on and store for later. It’s reusable and practical. I’m not talking about one of those stupid little pda’s.. I want a palette that’s the size of an 8×11 normal sheet of paper, and I click save and it give it a meaningful name like “doodles 87” and then I can look at it later. How many doodle pages have I drawn on sheets of paper and never looked at again or thrown out? HUNDREDS! What a shame.

    Oh, and to stay on topic, rebates rock.. You pay money for things and then a long time later it’s like you got “free” money from a company. I sent in a bunch of rebates from futureshop and alwayz got my money. I alwayz forget that I was waiting on a rebate, so when it finally arrives it makes me happy, and when I’m happy YOU’RE happy.

  4. That’s the only good thing I can say about the rebates, that they arrive so long after you bought the item that you can’t remember what the hell it’s for, and it’s like finding money on the sidewalk to getting a late Xmas present. Or something.

    I’d like to hear Keith’s opinion on this!

  5. I’ve never been jipped on a rebate offer. I’ve filled out many of them and got them all back. Chris, you must be cursed.

    That site doesn’t really benefit us too much, though, because you have to get most orders shipped to a USA address.

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