Viking shipThe Internet Guide to Freighter Travel:

the most comprehensive source of information about freighter travel to be found on the Internet. This site has evolved over the past three years, based mainly on my own experiences aboard ship and in dealings with agents, shipping companies, and the officers and crew of several ships.

The Did You Know? page is interesting:

  • the fuel burned by freighters is called bunker 380; it has the consistency of asphalt (tar) and must be kept heated at all times least it turn into a solid lump in the fuel tank; that it must be pre-heated to a high temperature prior to its injection into the ships engine?
  • many writers seek the solitude of container ship to write? Alex Haley,author of “Roots”, wrote much of this book at sea
  • there are over 350 freighters currently carrying passengers. This is more than the number of operational cruise ships.

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