French Film Isn’t French

Film made in France ruled not French:

The film, which lands in theatres in North America on Friday, was shot in France using French actors and a French crew.
However, the administrative court ruled that the film does not qualify as Gallic because the production company behind A Very Long Engagement, 2003 Productions, is backed by the Hollywood studio Warner Bros.

(via Dave Barry’s Blog)

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  1. I would have picked this entry from Dave Barry’s blog. It’s about a bridge that may collapse because so many people urinate on it. That’s classic. You may think it’s old news because it appeared on a bunch of other blogs over the past few days, but how many frigging blogs do people read every day? I visit at MOST, 3 blogs a day: This blog, J-Walk’s blog, and maybe another blog linked from one of those blogs. That’s it. There must be other people like me who don’t spend most of their online time jumping from one blog to another and wouldn’t care if that bridge story is considered old news. I should create a blog just for them. Stupid blogs.

  2. Wow – I have over 200 subscriptions in my Bloglines account. Granted, not all of them update on a regular basis, and sometimes I’ll check others only once a week. Most of them are of professional interest (libraries and librarians, technology) but there are quite a few hobby blogs as well (reading, knitting, etc.)

  3. I check this one all day to make sure I don’t miss ANY of the sexcitement. I check dilbert first thing in the morning, becky’s (rebecca), slashdot, new scientist and a few miscelaneous news sites like cnet or wired. Of course, I also check my own, though it’s down right now while I’m moving. :/

  4. I think most of my regular visitors are tech-savy: they check similar blogs to mine, so based on that assumption I often don’t post things of interest I see on popular sites like J-Walk, MetaFilter,, etc.

    I have 55 sites in my bloglines account, and I check my site WAY too often.

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