Fruit and Scotch Cake

fruit cake with scotchYou know you’re getting old when you start enjoying…

Fruit Cake. I bought PC Fruit Cake with Single Malt Whisky because it had scotch in it. It’s listed as the 8th ingredient of 12, imported from Scotland (not that that matters – scotch was my eye-grabber). Opening the tin you get a slight whiff of scotch – the smell of alcohol; but can you taste it? Not really. I DO like the cake and may be that’s because of the scotch, but giving it to someone who didn’t know its ingredients – I doubt they’d guess scotch was in it. The cake is too crumbly, too; you can’t slice it. I ate it with a spoon and fingers.

My mom made a fruit cake this past weekend with a single-malt in it and it was MUCH better – you could taste the whisky.

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