1. hey, sorry about the last comment, i meant it to say “such fun” not such “un”….!!!….!!!….!!!….!!!…..!!!….!!!….!!!….!!!….!!!….!!!….!!!

  2. by the way, if you are a fast typer, then beware…! you can only post 1 comment per 10 seconds or it tells you to “slow down cowboy” – how cool is that?! by the way, did u know that “lesbian nomad” is an anagram of Osama Bin Laden (we hate him!)…

  3. > you can only post 1 comment per 10 seconds

    That’s cool; I didn’t know that, though I may have to change the “slow down cowboy” message to something more “Steel White Table”-ish, whatever the hell that is.

  4. I tried to have Steel White Table an American-politician-free zone, and look what happens. Geez. Well, IT WASN’T MY DOING.

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